Tim Cahill tattoo

Tim Cahill tattoo

Tim Cahill tattoo is a very popular tattoo. Get a Samoan tattoo design like this made for you with your own specifications 100% ONLINE NOW! Born in Sydney to a Samoan mother and a British father, Cahill struggled for several years to win the right to play for Australia, having initially represented Samoa as a … Read more

Taino – Puerto Rico tattoos

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Looking for a custom Taino – Puerto Rico tattoo ? I love to create Taino tattoos. These Ancient art of Puerto Rico looks great combining with Polynesian art!. We can make a cool combination of Polynesian art with Taino/Puerto Rican art, Taino Sun, Taino frog looks great!. I’m Juno, professional tattoo designer. Tell me what … Read more

Inca – Peruvian tattoos

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Looking for a custom Inca – Peruvian tattoo ? I love to create Inca, Peruvian, Aztec, Taino – Puerto Rico and Mesoamerican tattoos. These American styles are great to make cool tribal tattoos, full of symbols, gods and ornaments.   I’m Juno, professional tattoo designer. Tell me what design you want for your tattoo and I’ll do a … Read more