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Frecuently Asked Questions

I am looking for a custom design for my tattoo , can you help me ?

Yes. I’m a professional tattoo designer and I have made hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of custom tattoo
designs and stencils made to order through my site JunoTattooDesigns.com and my blog
JunoTattooArt.wordpress.com and it will be a pleasure to make the best design for you.

How it works?

Is easy. 1 – Contact me and describe the tattoo design that you wish.

2 – I’ll send you the tattoo design cost and maybe some comments or suggestions, if necessary

3 – If you’re agree, you do an initial payment to start the sketches for your design.

4 – Then, sketch by sketch, we work together until the design sketch looks like you wish

5 – You make the final payment for the finished design in high resolution and the stencil.

6 – I email you a high quality design for your tattoo. An unique tattoo design just for you !

Why I should make an initial payment for the sketches?

I receive many request by week and is impossible to do a sketch for free for everyone. Also with an
upfront payment I know if this a serious request and If you have the legal age to get a tattoo and to make an online payment.
After the initial payment we’ll work together sketch by sketch until the design looks like you wish.
Then, you make the final payment for the finished design and the stencil

I have made thousands of tattoo designs made for customer of my site JunoTattooDesigns.com and my blog JunoTattooArt. I’m a verified PayPal user and this is a guarantee that your payment is safe and that you will receive the best design and stencil for your tattoo.  

How can I pay you?

I accept PayPal payments. Make a secure payment with PayPal to start the tattoo design that you wish
and for the finished design and stencil. You can use a link to the PayPal web from my How I work page or directly from the PayPal web. I’m a verified PayPal user.

Is this a secure purchase? Is my personal information protected?

All purchases are handled through a secure PayPal transaction. No sensitive information is
exchanged on my site, or outside of PayPal.

How will you send me the final design?

The tattoo design and the stencil will be sent to your email account for download. Both are .jpeg files
in high resolution ( each file size no more than of 2 MB, depending design details and measures )

Can I change the color or size of my design ?

Once you receive your design your tattoo artist will be able to change the color to whatever you wish.
You or your tattooist be able to re-size the design and customize it in any way you like if this is necessary
If there is an element of a design you don’t like, the artist will simply omit it.

For a wrap around arm tattoo, I will send you a design larger than the size of an arm, so if this is necessary, your tattoo artist can cut, extend, resize the template to adjust the size of your arm.

Is it possible to refund after purchasing a tattoo design?

No, because I send you the design in digital format, there is no way to ensure that the design has not
been copied or used and then returned .All purchases of tattoo designs are final and no refund is possible

How I’ll know if the tattoo design will looks as I wish?

Because you and I will work together in your design sketch by sketch until the design looks like you wish

What a custom design is?

A custom design is a tattoo design made for you. All my designs are
exclusive pieces made for ONE person.

How much it cost?

The tattoo design cost will depend on the complexity and size of each tattoo theme. You can find on this site some samples of my custom designs and their costs.
Keep in mind that a custom tattoo is more expensive than a tattoo “ready to download” (non custom) like these from this “Tattoo Shop” gallery HERE

What the stencil is?

Line Art or Stencil is the final design in lines only, without gray tones, color or effects, and I’ll send you
each finished tattoo design with his Line Art. Then, when your tattoo artist transfer this Line Art on
your skin, your design will looks exactly as you wish.

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I do not use cookies.

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