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Biomechanic tattoos created by Juno, tattoo designer online, according the wishes of each customer of the best place on web to get your custom design and stencil for your next tattoo.

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What is a biomechanical tattoo? It is a tattoo that combines parts of the human body with mechanical parts: springs, screws, connecting rods, gears… It is often shown under the torn skin. We can include dates, numbers, some text or word, the personal symbol that you want to make your biomechanical tattoo unique.

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This is a custom tattoo created by me according the wishes of a customer of this web: He wants an upper arm tattoo with Poseidon with a biomechanical fish below. I love to create tattoos like this!

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Quick to reply, very kind. He came up with great suggestions and the perfect sketch even though I didn’t have much of an idea to begin with. Absolutely love my new tattoo!


Hit the design concept with the first sketch. quick turn around on suggestions for design updates. Final design was better than what i pictured in my head. highly recommend this artist.

  1. Email me or send me an Easy Tattoo Contact Form below and tell me what tattoo you want:style,size, elements…
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  4. You will receive a high quality and unique tattoo design ready to take to your local tattoo shop and get your dream tattoo done.

    NOTICE: I'll be out of town from this Monday, July 15th until Tuesday, July 23rd. I will continue working finishing and creating your tattoos on these days. I will not have internet, so I will not be able to respond or send emails or contact forms until Wednesday.

    Thank you!


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