Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson tattoo

dwayne johnson the rock tattoo(click to zoom)

Dwayne Douglas “The Rock” Johnson was born on May 2, 1972 in Hayward, California. After he won the WWF Heavyweight title six times. Johnson then parlayed his wrestling fame into a film career, appearing in projects like 2001’s The Mummy Returns and 2010’s Tooth Fairy. His recent projects include Furious Seven (2015) and San Andres (2015) Hercules, Jumanji, Rampange proyect (2018).

What Does Dwayne’s Polynesian Tattoo Mean? 

You can get a custom design for your tattoo based on this Polynesian style 100% ONLINE


tattoo designerHi, I’m Juno ,professional tattoo designer. This tattoo is very popular among visitors to my online studio JunoTattooDesigns.com and I have made several custom designs based on this beautiful and strong tattoo.

These are some samples of MEDIUM Polynesian tattoos (upper arm, shoulder to elbow) made to order for customers of this web with their own specifications and symbols.

polynesian samoan tattoo - juno tattoo designspolynesian tattoo, samoan tattoo, juno tattoo designspolynesian samoan tattoo, turtle tribal tattoo, juno tattoo designs

polynesian batman tattoo - samoan aztec tattoo for arm(click to zoom)polynesian tattoo, tiki tattoo, compass tattoo, juno tattoo designs

A custom POLYNESIAN TATTOO and stencil just made for you in this style for the Upper Arm (shoulder to elbow) cost $380 ($200 to start the tattoo design drafts)

This is how to get your tattoo design:

  • 1) Make an initial payment of $200 to start the drafts for your tattoo.
  • 2) We will work together draft by draft until the design looks as you wish.
  • 3) When the design looks as you wish you make the final payment of $200 for the finished design in high resolution and the tattoo stencil.
  • 4) I’ll send to your email account your custom tattoo design and stencil ready to do your dreamed tattoo in any tattoo shop of your area.
If you want a MEDIUM tattoo design, make the initial payment using the PayPal button and send me a contact form and I’ll contact you TODAY to start the best custom design for your tattoo.

$200 to start your dreamed tattoo design

  • Why I should make an initial payment to start the drafts? Fortunately, I receive a lot of request by week and I cannot start a tattoo design for free for each potential customer. Thanks for your understanding!
  • Is this a secure purchase? Is my personal information protected? All purchases are handled through a secure PayPal transaction. No sensitive information is exchanged on my site, or outside of PayPal.
  • How we will work in the tattoo design? We work by email. I have made thousands of tattoo designs 100% online since 2010 for people of USA, Canada, Brazil, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Norway, Filipines,New Zealand, Mexico and many others.



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Can highly recommend Juno amazing work completed very quickly to a excellent level and quality will be using him again in the future.


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