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Frecuently Asked Questions I am looking for a custom design for my tattoo , can you help me ? Yes. I’m a professional tattoo designer and I have made hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of custom tattoo designs and stencils made to order through my site JunoTattooDesigns.com and my blog JunoTattooArt.wordpress.com. I have creating tattoo designs online … Read more

Tattoo Form Sent

  Your tattoo form has been sent successfully. I’ll respond to your request ASAP. If you wish you can email me with some extra info and/or sample pictures Copyright ©2011 junotattoodesigns.com & junotattooart.wordpress.com – All rights reserved

Thanks for choosing me

 Hi, thanks for choosing me to create your tattoo!. I will contact you to confirm your payment and when I send your tattoo design (the first draft and/or the finished tattoo design and stencil usually takes no more than a couple of days, this depending the size and complexity of your tattoo). If you bought … Read more