Irish Claddagh tattoo stencil

Juno ( professional tattoo designer) Irish Claddagh tattoo and stencil created by me, ready to ink in any tattoo shop of your area. (Product Code Claddagh) Tattoo design and stencil made by Juno (professional tattoo designer)   *Note that you do not make any payment into my site, only through PayPal.You can make the payment … Read more

Celtic/Scottish tattoos

celtic tattoos, norse tattoos

These are some of the custom tattoos created by me for customer of, the best place on web to get a custom design and stencil for your tattoo. Tattoo designs with Celtic knots, runs, celtic trees of life, crosses… CELTIC and SCOTTISH¬†TATTOOS¬†by Juno:I love the celtic art. Celtic art is one of the most … Read more