Tim Cahill tattoo

avatar juno glasses (1)Tim Cahill tattoo is a very popular tattoo in Samoan style. Many people wants an unique tattoo design made by be based on this tattoo. 

Tim Cahill tattooTim Cahill tattoo

Born in Sydney to a Samoan mother and a British father, Cahill struggled for several years to win the right to play for Australia, having initially represented Samoa as a teenager. After a protracted appeal, during which he let his football do the talking, he finally made his debut for the Socceroos in 2004.


Tim Cahill is a family man and that can be seen in his tattoo. The sleeve on his left arm has his Samoan roots from his maternal family with a symbolic lifeline of his grandmother after she died, linking it with that of his own and his parents. He also has an identical symbol to what his grandfather had, as well as symbols to represent his wife and children. You can find the names of all his family members, including his brother-in-law and the two clubs he has played for: Millwall FC and Everton FC.

Tim Cahill tattoo

avatar juno 1 (1)I have created many tattoo designs similar to this beautiful and strong tattoo.

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Product Code: PolyTCH-1

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Description: Polynesian tattoo for 3/4 sleeve

Original stencil size: male wraparound 3/4 arm-Left or right. (Note that the tattoo artist that you choose can flip, cut, extend and/or resize the tattoo template if this will be necessary) IF YOU WANT A SIMILAR TATTOO LIKE THIS (NOT THE SAME; NOT A COPY) click on the ORDER a SIMILAR TATTOO button and I will create a UNIQUE tattoo design based on this just made for you.

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