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avatar juno glasses (1)These are some of my custom designs for Tibetan Buddhist tattoos made to order for customers of this online tattoo studio JunoTattooDesigns.com and my blog JunoTattooArt.

TIBETAN BUDDHIST TATTOOS by Juno (custom tattoo designer) . 

I love this theme! This is a beautiful kind of traditional art and beliefs that come together to create magnificent tattoos, full of beauty, energy, symbolism and spirituality.

This sample image on the left side is a custom design made for me for a full sleeve tattoo for a customer of this blog JunoTattooArt.wordpress.com

BUDDHIST TATTOO MEANING: Buddhism started as early as 4th or 6th BCE, when Siddharta Gautama started spreading his teachings of suffering, nirvana and rebirth in India. Siddharta himself was averse to accept images of himself, and used many different symbols to illustrate his teachings. There are eight different auspicious symbols of Buddhism, and many say that these represent the gifts that God made to Budhha when he achieved enlightenment.

The term Buddha, meaning “enlightened, alert and intelligent,” is the greatest figure of Buddhism, founder of the religion. In tattoos, this is the most common design and usually occurs in 3 ways: a golden Buddha, a meditating Buddha and a smiling or happy Buddha.
The golden Buddha of tattoos comes from Buddha statues and represents the teachings of Buddhism.
Meditating Buddha represents thought and reflection, the search for knowledge.
Finally, the smiling Buddha symbolizes happiness, hope and joy.

The Ashta Mangala (eight auspicious [signs]) are a set of symbols endemic to countless Eastern cultures, especially those based on the dharmic tradition.

Dharma Wheel


Dharma Wheel is one of the most important symbols of Buddhism. Essentially, this wheel represents the teachings of Buddha, the first to set rolling the wheel of dharma, Shannon Archuleta or wheel of law. Usually also it mentioned that this wheel represents the endless cycle of Samsara or rebirth, which can only escape when really is the meaning of Buddha’s teachings.


Tibetan knot


The Tibetan knot: The intersecting lines in the eternal knot symbolize how everything is connected. It can also represent how religion and secular affairs, as well as compassion and wisdom are united and connected with each other.



white conch



The right-handed white conch represents the voice and message of the Buddha Dharma,  because of its use as an instrument of call, it also represents the throat or neck Buda.


om symbol


OM is a powerful and critical syllable that comes from Hinduism and has become popular today throughout the West as a symbol of calm mind which is reached through meditation.



tibetan umbrella


The umbrella or Parasol that covers the head of kings and great personalities, represents the protection afforded the knowledge of dharma pain and suffering.
It also represents the crown of the head of Gautama Buddha.



tibetan golden fishes


Golden fishes, in Hinduism, are symbols of the Ganges and Yamuna rivers. In Buddhism they symbolize: wisdom, courage, happiness, longevity and purity of practitioners of the Buddha’s teachings.





Mandalas are spiritual symbols present in both Buddhism and Hinduism. It means “circle” in Sanskrit and represents meditation, relaxation and inner peace, which is achieved through contemplation of it. Usually also it mentioned that the center of the mandala holds the secrets of balance and purification.


tibetan lotus flower


The lotus flower is one of those Buddhist symbols chosen outside the Buddhist belief. Many choose rather by its visual appeal and aesthetic value. It is noteworthy that in addition to Buddhism, the lotus flower is an important symbol oriental, also present in Hinduism and other symbolic demonstrations of Eastern beliefs. As this flower is born only in the darkest swamps dirty in the mud and dirt, it is considered a symbol of spiritual awakening, enlightenment, strength, effort, struggle and resurgence.

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The Design Process : “Based on your design info I’ll draw up a rough draft for you to consider and then with your input will refine the drawing until you are completely satisfied with the end result. The final design will be sent to you via email along with a made to fit line drawing ready for you to print out and take to your favorite tattoo artist.”

Juno (professional tattoo designer)          

avatar juno glasses (1)ABOUT ME : My name is Juno and I’m a professional tattoo designer. I have made thousands ( yes, thousands!) of custom designs for tattoos in all themes and sizes made for people who are looking for an unique tattoo design.

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    Juno (custom tattoo designs) 


Very quick service, absolutely stunning work!

It was an absolute pleasure working with Juno on my Polynesian Tattoo design. I explained to Juno that I wanted certain Symbols to represent specific things in my life and he was able to incorporate everything I wanted and more into a beautiful design. There were a few things that I needed to have tweaked and Juno was very quick to make the necessary adjustments to get to my final Draft. I was extremely impressed with the level of knowledge that Juno had with the Polynesian symbols. Even the tattoo artist who tattooed me was extremely impressed with Juno's design. From my first email to Juno to the final draft of the tattoo design, it took three days. Juno really knows his stuff and I would recommend him to anyone that wants a professional to design their tattoo. Thanks Juno!


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