Polynesian Forearm Tattoo Design (Nro 322) by Juno. 

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Tattoo style Code: PolyFA-322

Tattoo design cost $220

($110 to start the tattoo drafts) 

(Click on image to zoom)

tattoo designerThis is a custom tattoo for a wraparound forearm in Polynesian style with strips of spear heads, shark teeth, ocean waves and other classic Polynesian symbols.

Original stencil size: male wraparound forearm-Left or right. (Note that the tattoo artist that you choose can flip, cut, extend and/or resize the tattoo template if this will be necessary)

GET A CUSTOM TATTOO DESIGN and STENCIL LIKE THIS FOR YOU 100% ONLINE. (NOT THE SAME; NOT A COPY, a CUSTOM tattoo in this same style and size just made for your with your own specifications)

  • Just click on the ORDER a SIMILAR TATTOO button here to do the downpayment to start the drafts
  • I will email you to confirm your purchase and to tell you what I need to start your tattoo drafts. You can emial me some samples and infor about the tat designs and elements that you want to include in your tattoo.
  • We will work together by email step by step until the design looks as you wish. This can take no more than a couple of revisions.
  • And then, when the tattoo looks as you wish, you do the final payment for the finished design and the tattoo stencil.
  • You will receive to your email account the final design and the tattoo stencil ready to do a cool tattoo like this in any tattoo shop of your area.

Any doubts? Send me a Contact Form and tell me what tattoo design you want. Note that (fortunately) I receive dozens of tattoo request by week and I will prioritize to start the tattoos of those customers who makes the down payment. Anyway, I will respond all the tattoo requests (Thanks for your understanding!)

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