Polynesian Armband Tattoo design and stencil (for upper arm, forearm or calf) by Juno (custom tattoos online).

In a tat like this we can add a turtle and/or a tiki face and the classic Polynesian designs that you prefer to create a cool tattoo. 

Get your unique design and the tattoo stencil in this style for $120 ($60 to start the tattoo drafts)

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tattoo designerI’m Juno, professional tattoo designer. If you are looking for a custom design like this for your tattoo I can do this 100% ONLINE


A Polynesian armband tattoo DESIGN and Stencil like this cost $120 (INITIAL PAYMENT TO START THE TATTOO DRAFTS $60)

  • 1) Send me a Form and describe what Polynesian armband you want. You can add a couple of reference pictures if you wish.
  • 2)With a down payment of $60 we start the tattoo drafts and we will work together draft by draft until the design looks as you wish. This can take no more than a couple of revisions.
  • 4) You make the final payment of $60 for the finished design in high resolution and the tattoo stencil.
  • 5) I’ll send to your email account your custom tattoo design and stencil ready to do your dreamed tattoo in any tattoo shop of your area.

Start your unique tat design for $60 and send me a tattoo Form to tell me more about the design that you prefer. It will be a pleasure to create the best design for your tattoo!

  • Why I should make an initial payment to start the drafts? Fortunately, I receive a lot of request by week and I cannot start a tattoo design for free for each potential customer. Thanks for your understanding!
  • Is this a secure purchase? Is my personal information protected? All purchases are handled through a secure PayPal transaction. No sensitive information is exchanged on my site, or outside of PayPal.
  • How we will work in the tattoo design? We work by email. I have made thousands of tattoo designs 100% online since 2010 for people of USA, Canada, Brazil, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Norway, Filipines,New Zealand, Mexico and many others.



Juno did a great job on my tattoo design. He was fast and very responsive and together we came up with a design that not only looks great but also I ncorporates symbols that are meaningful to me. I'd recommend him to anyone. Thanks Juno!


Amazing work! I love my tattoo. Juno has done a magnificent design for my tattoo. Highly recommended!!


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