Polynesian armband tattoo

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These are some custom designs made by me for armband tattoos in Polynesian style.

 Get a custom tattoo design in this style for $180 ($120 to start the tattoo drafts)

A Polynesian armband tattoo DESIGN and Stencil like this cost $180 (INITIAL PAYMENT TO START THE TATTOO DRAFTS $120)


I’m Juno, professional tattoo designer. If you are looking for a custom design like this for your tattoo I can do this 100% ONLINE

  • Why I should make an initial payment to start the drafts? Fortunately, I receive a lot of request by week and I cannot start a tattoo design for free for each potential customer. Thanks for your understanding!
  • Is this a secure purchase? Is my personal information protected? All purchases are handled through a secure PayPal transaction. No sensitive information is exchanged on my site, or outside of PayPal.
  • How we will work in the tattoo design? We work by email. I have made thousands of tattoo designs 100% online since 2010 for people of USA, Canada, Brazil, France, Italy, Spain, Australia, Norway, Filipines,New Zealand, Mexico and many others.



Fabulous communication, perfect design, simply amazing!!!!


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